Beef PHỞ

Vietnam’s national dish – a flat rice noodle in a light fragrant soup. Sourced from the fresh and traditional home-style cooking recipes of the Mekong River delta, Huế, Sài Gòn and Hà Nội.

Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns served in a chilli & lemon grass sauce. Sourced from the fresh and traditional home-style cooking recipes of the Mekong River delta, Huế, Sài Gòn and Hà Nội.

Bo La Lot

Bo La Lot, Grilled beef wraped in wild betel leaf Sourced from the fresh and traditional home-style cooking recipes of the Mekong River delta, Huế, Sài Gòn and Hà Nội.


Sizzling platter of Pangasius white fish with fresh dills & spring onion. Undoubtedly a star dish from the North's most famous speciality.


Juicy cubed beef - wok tossed on a tangy bed of salad

Main Course

Main Course

Vietnamese Noodle soups                                                                                            

These noodles are served in soup stock carefully prepared to create a full and aromatic broth for you to enjoy.  PHỞ and BÚN HUẾ are served with a garnish of bean sprouts, lime, mixed herbs and optional chilli for those who like it HOT!                                                                                                                   

PHỞ Vietnam’s national dish, great hang-over cure, flat rice noodle in a light fragrant soup with

  • rare beef10.95
  • rare beef & beef brisket10.95
  • chicken, prawns or tofu10.95

PHỞ TÁI LĂN Hà Nội style – flash fried beef steak with garlic12.50

PHỞ OX TAIL tender, full of flavour slow cooked beef12.50

Special PHỞ served with beef, chicken, prawns, prawn & squid cakes12.50

Special PHỞ beef – with sliced beef, brisket, tripe and beef balls12.50

PHỞ roast duck soup12.95

BÚN HUẾ a speciality broth from HUẾ,  infused with a blend of fresh garlic, lemongrass, chilli, rich & colourful shrimp paste, serve with

  • rare beef10.95 
  • rare beef and beef brisket10.95
  • chicken, prawns or tofu10.95

Special BÚN HUẾ served with beef, chicken, prawns, prawn & squid cakes12.50

HU TIÚ Southern style with mild refreshing fragrance rice noodles chicken broth

  • prawns10.95
  • mixed seafood11.50
  • HU TIÚ KHÔ flat rice noodles served dry with delicious tangy hot & spicy sauce with chicken, prawn, pork & side soup10.95                                                                     


HOÀNH THÁNH MÌ Wun Tun dumplings soup with egg noodles11.50


Salads and Vegetables

GOI delicious, colourful, crispy, tangy salad, mixed with shredded crunchy kohl rabi, carrots, fresh mixed herbs, topped with fried shallots and crushed roasted  peanuts :

  • tofu or mango7.65                                                                                                                
  • chicken & prawns7.85                                                                                       
  • duck – and a touch of spice9.85                                                                          
  • mango & prawn8.65                                      
  • papaya with prawn8.65                                   
  • lotus stems & prawns8.45                                                                                                            
  • marinated aubergine8.65  
  • BÒ TÁI CHANH – rare beef steak with mixed herbs & fresh lime juice8.85                                                          

Steamed or fried mixed vegetables6.50 / 7.85                                                              

Vegetable curry with coconut and chilli lemongrass sauce7.95                            

Morning glory (water spinach) or green leaves quick fried with chunks of garlic8.65 / 7.65        

Tofu fried with mixed vegetables7.85                                

Tofu fried with choice of sauce

  • chilli & lemon grass7.80
  • chilli & black bean7.80
  • tamarind7.80




CÁ RÔ whole fried Tilapia with home-made

  • tangy fish sauce & fresh mango14.50
  • fish sauce & fresh ginger14.50                                                                                     

Fried Sea bass fillets with home-made

  • tangy fish sauce & fresh mango17.50
  • fish sauce & fresh ginger17.50                                                                                

Steamed Sea bass with

  • chilli & lemon grass17.50
  • light lime-soy sauce17.50      

Fish in tamarind   or  Sweet ’n’ Sour sauce7.85

CÁ KHO TÔ stewed, braised white fish ‘Basa Steak’  with a rich caramelized glaze.  A cornerstone dish of Vietnamese cuisine9.85           



Prawn and seafood

Prawns fried with mixed vegetables / green leaves or broccoli8.65  

Prawns fried with choices of sauce

  • tamarind7.85
  • sweet & sour7.85                                                               
  • chilli & black bean7.85
  • coconut curry7.85

Ginger prawns with spring onion7.85                                                                        

Sizzling prawns in yummy smoked oyster sauce with a touch of spice9.50          

Delicious Tiger prawns served in a chilli & lemon grass sauce10.50

Juicy Tiger prawns simmered in coconut milk10.50

Fried seafood with mixed vegetables10.50




Squids fried with mixed vegetables8.65

Squids fried with chilli & black bean or tangy tamarind sauce7.85




Beef fried with mixed vegetables / green leaves or broccoli8.65

Beef fried with the choice of sauce 

  • tangy tamarind7.85
  • chilli & black bean7.85
  • coconut curry7.85

Sizzling juicy beef in yummy smoked oyster sauce with a touch of spice9.50        

Crispy shredded beef7.85

BÒ LÚC LẮC juicy cubed beef – wok tossed on a tangy bed of salad10.50                 

BÒ KHO – delicious beef ragu served with rice noodle or steam jasmine rice11.85  




Chicken fried with:

  • mixed vegetables8.45                                                                                                      
  • broccoli8.45

Chicken fried with choice of sauce:                                                                                                    

  • tangy tamarind7.85
  • chilli & lemon grass7.85
  • chilli & blackbean7.85
  • sweet‘n’sour7.85

Chicken vegetable coconut curry cardamom spice7.85            




Pork Kho delicious tender slow cooked caramelized pork with duck egg & pickled bean sprouts9.85

Pork fried with:

  • mixed vegetables8.45                                                                                                                    
  • broccoli8.45

Pork fried with choices of sauce:      

  • chilli & black bean7.85
  • sweet ‘n ’sour7.85


Vietnamese style noodles

All these fresh – healthy – tasty dishes below are served with steamed thin rice vermicelli, salads, mixed herbs and home-made sweet chilli-tangy fish sauce. A soya alternative is available for vegetarians.  The grilled quail dish is served with delicious MM’s peanut sauce!

CHAO TÔM Prawn paste wrapped round sugar cane  -from Huế’s imperial cuisine9.55                            

BÚN TÔM CÀNG NƯỚNG GỎI XOÀI Grilled tiger prawns with fresh mango salad -a favourite from the Mekong Delta11.85

BÚN THỊT NƯỚNG Sizzling platter of marinated pork in herbs and spices9.55
For extra rice paper to wrap your own fresh marinated pork rolls2.55                     

BÚN BÒ LÁ LỐT Grilled – gently seasoned beef wrapped in wild betel leaf9.50
For extra rice paper to wrap your own fresh marinated grilled beef  leaf  rolls2.55    

BÚN CHIM CÚT NƯỚNG Grilled Quail served with delicious peanut sauce10.15 

BÚN XẢ Choice of below quick fried with lemon grass topped with roasted peanut & shallots:

  • beef8.95
  • chicken8.65                                                                                                                                  
  • prawns8.95                                                                                                                                
  • prawns & squid9.50                                                                                                                  
  • tofu8.65                                                                                                                                        

For extra spring rolls in your BÚN XẢ2.95                                                                                    

BÚN NEM NƯỚNG Pork balls topped with crushed roasted peanut & fried shallots8.95                                                                                                                                      

BÚN CH GIÒ With prawn and pork or vegetarian spring rolls topped with crushed roasted peanut & fried shallots8.65

CHCÁ LÁ VNG Sizzling platter of Pangasius white fish with fresh dills & spring onion. Undoubtedly, a star dish from the North most famous speciality14.15
For extra rice paper to wrap your own fresh marinated fish rolls2.55                                    


Stir  fried  noodles                                                                                                    

Plain noodles and beansprout4.35                                                                                                        

Noodles with mixed vegetables7.35

Noodles with mixed vegetables & tofu7.50                                                               

Chicken noodles7.50                                                                                              

Special noodles7.85                                                                                                        

Beef noodles7.50

Singapore noodles7.85                                                                                                  

Crispy noodles with vegetables

  • beef9.55
  • chicken8.85                                                                                                          
  • prawns9.55
  • tofu8.85                                                                                                           
  • seafood10.65

Flat rice noodles with vegetables

  • beef8.65                                                                                                            
  • chicken8.45
  • prawns8.65                                                                                                     
  • tofu7.45
  • seafood9.50



Fragrant steamed rice2.85                                                                                    

Coconut rice3.45                                                                                                

Egg fried rice3.45                                                                                                       

Chicken fried rice6.50

King prawn fried rice7.50

Special fried rice7.85                                                                                                 

Singapore fried rice7.85                                                                                           

Rice with spare ribs & salad8.50

Rice with roast pork & salad8.50                                                                                        

Rice with roast duck & salad8.85                                                                                   



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