Beef PHỞ

Vietnam’s national dish – a flat rice noodle in a light fragrant soup. Sourced from the fresh and traditional home-style cooking recipes of the Mekong River delta, Huế, Sài Gòn and Hà Nội.

Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns served in a chilli & lemon grass sauce. Sourced from the fresh and traditional home-style cooking recipes of the Mekong River delta, Huế, Sài Gòn and Hà Nội.

Bo La Lot

Bo La Lot, Grilled beef wraped in wild betel leaf Sourced from the fresh and traditional home-style cooking recipes of the Mekong River delta, Huế, Sài Gòn and Hà Nội.


Sizzling platter of Pangasius white fish with fresh dills & spring onion. Undoubtedly a star dish from the North's most famous speciality.


Juicy cubed beef - wok tossed on a tangy bed of salad






White wine                                                                                                                          

Coreto (House)                                                                                                        

Fruity, dry, crisp and clean(12.5%abv)                                                              

Casa do Lago  Rose’ (Portugal)                                                                           

 Fragrant, salmon, pink (12.5%abv)                                                                    

Inzolia Chardonay, ii Paradosso (Sicily)                                                            

Mouth filling generous white with lemon and mineral character                

Sauvignon Blanc, Vinia La Playa (Chile)                                                                                                                                  

Fresh, aromatic gooseberry and grassy flavours                                            

Pinot Grigio, Ca’ Luca (Italy)                                                                                

Medium bodied with fresh apple fruit, dry

Gewurztraminer, Zinck (Alsace)                                                                         

 Intense spicy, floral aromas with luscious fruit

Sauvignon Blanc, Totara Hill, Marlborough (New Zealand)                        

Classic nettle and lychee aromas, fresh acidity

Petit Chablis, De La Pauliere (France)                                                                

Elegant, very complex, ripe yet crisp


Red wine

Coreto (House)                                                                                                      

Smooth, rounded, red fruits (12.5%abv)                                                          

 Nero d’AvolaShiraz, ii Paradosso (Sicily)                                                         

Rounded, spicy fruit and mineral flavours, supple palate                             

Cabernet Sauvignon, Puente del Inca (Chile)                                                  

Excellent ripe blackcurrant aromas with a savoury character.

Merlot Touriga Franca, DFJ (Portugal)                                                              

Concentrated. Spicy forest fruit flavours linger on the palate

Rioja, Don Placero (Spain)                                                                                    

Full bodied with pepper and dried fruit notes.

Totara Hill Pinot Noir (New Zealand)                                                                

Fragrant aromas of sunner fruits, silky soft and sublime

Chateauneuf du Pape, Domaine St Paul (France)                                            

Rich and concentrated, powerful Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre blend                                         


House Champagne, Brut   Top quality, from a small champagne house                  

Moet et Chandon, Brut N/V  The classic champagne                                                  

Sparkling Wine  Fruity, fresh, harmonious, the perfect company to all occasion    


Soft Drinks                                                                                                                   

Sparkling mineral water                       

Still mineral water bottle                                                                                          

Coke / Diet Coke or Lemonade                                                                                                             

Fruit juice apple, cranberry, mango or pineapple                                                                                        

Homemade fresh lemon drink  or  Coconut  juice                                                                                        

Freshly squeezed orange juice                                                                                                            

 Iced coffee                                                                                                                                            

 Hot coffee



Tiger Singapore (abv 4.7%)                                                

Tsingtao China (abv 4.7%)                                                      

Hanoi Vietnam (abv 5.1%)                                                

Hue Vietnam   (abv 5.0%)                                                   

Saigon Vietnam (abv 4.9%)                                                


Coffee     English Tea    Herbal tea

Brandy, Cognac & Spirit

Single or Double    



Fritters banana / pineapple / or apple // with ice-cream                                                                  

Coffee float iced coffee with ice cream on top                                                                                        

Home made green tea ice cream                                                                                                           


Traditional chè ba màu – three coloured dessert with mixture of

green glass jelly, red beans and coconut sauce                                           


Chè xôi nước – sticky rice mochi  filled with savoury mung beans paste

bathed  in a  warm ginger syrup,  drizzled with toasted sesame seeds

and coconut milk                                                                                       



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