Welcome to Mẹ Mẹ Vietnamese Restaurant.

We owe a lot to our mothers and the food that they served us when we were young. We were so endeared to the culture they passed on, that a large inspiration for our restaurant and the food we serve comes from those traditional roots. We pride ourselves on the fresh, healthy, delicious, quality home-style cooking traditionally from the Mekong River delta, Huế, Sài Gòn and Hà Nội. Our name ‘Me Me’ even means mum in Northern Vietnam.

As our mum enjoys cooking she would always make time to serve tasty and nutritious food at home, inspired by the dishes she enjoyed from eating out. I would always spend time helping her and still am learning from her how to cook great meals.

We hope to share with you this love we have for our mothers and the healthy, tasty and nutritious food that they served. We look forward to seeing you soon..